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How To Boost Your Metabolism

How To Boost Your Metabolism

Wrong thoughts...Wrong Metabolism!

“Temporary or permanent?” of course the latter would be the most popular answer unless you are the type who is strangely inclined with quick-constant-changes in your life. In whatever field it is, people find security and stability in permanence. It is funny to think that in dieting, however, they give in to short-term solutions.

These short-term solutions come in different ways such as skipping meals, working out on an empty stomach, cutting out carbs, going low fat, fasting and so forth.

What are the most common metabolism malpractices?

  • Some people only think that one factor influences your metabolism. There are different factors that lower or elevates metabolic rate like age, sex, sleeping habits, amount of muscle mass and so on. The tendency for most of us wanting to lose weight is to get carried away with just one area of consideration. The most typical example of this is that some focus on building muscles but neglect sleep. This is not the most logical way to approach health and fitness because it will not give you the positive outcomes you desire. The largest mistake we can make is to neglect one aspect for the sake of another. Health and fitness is all about striking a healthy balance between, diet, exercise, sleep, natural hormone balance, stress relief, mobility and so on.
  • People often just exercise for the sole purpose of burning fat. Even gym instructors give this as advice. The truth is, people need an over-all work out regime with balance to maintain weight or even improve it to the levels they want to.
  • Another big misconception is when people restrict calories too much. When calories dip down too low, your metabolism slows down to create a balance for essential bodily activities. There is a large possibility that you will lose weight, but this may come from other sources other than the source you want to get rid of which is most likely fat cells. 
  • Speeding up your metabolism and achieving your weight loss goals involves a certain degree of focus; after all, there’s a lot of things competing for your attention (including that delicious Chef’s Special pecan pie!), and you certainly need to be able to keep your eye on the prize in order to maintain your program. Yet sometimes too much focus can be a bad thing; and some people understand this all too well.

  • The worst malpractice is the use of diet pills to lose weight. Your metabolism can be greatly affected by this wrongdoing if you become too reliant on them. Taking these pills won't tame your appetite and help you lose weight in the long run. These pills usually only offer short-term results if a proper plan isn't put into place. Think of your long-term wellness over the temporary gratification of a few pounds lost.

Remember, speeding up your metabolism is a holistic effort that includes exercise, lifestyle, and diet changes. Focusing on only one of these at the expense of the others (either one or both) can be detrimental. In fact, in some cases, it can be counterproductive.

So the myth here is that you shouldn’t go all out and focus on becoming an exercise guru, and then move onto lifestyle, and then to diet. You have to integrate all 3 aspects into your life at the same time. True, based on your unique situation, you will likely emphasize one more than the others. That’s fine and normal. But it’s a myth – and a mistake – to ignore any one of these.

It takes all three to speed up your metabolism and to get you to your long-term weight loss goals.

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