Vivoo: At Home Urine Tests (1 Month Supply)

Vivoo: At Home Urine Tests (1 Month Supply)


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Vivoo is a wellness assistant that consists of urinalysis test strips and a mobile application which gives personalized nutrition advice based on your urine sample. Vivoo uses your body’s data to encourage you to make healthier choices by translating your results into customized wellness advice and weekly ratings of different parameters. 

Vivoo’s wellness tips tell you which food is needed by your body. Vivoo offers a new perspective to sustain a healthy lifestyle by helping you understand your body’s needs. It is easy to use and adaptable to your daily life. Urine is a useful tool for understanding a lot about the human body.

With Vivoo you can track body parameters like water consumption, urinary pH, ketones, urinary tract infections, liver, and kidney functions. These parameters tell you if you are hydrated enough, eating well, have balanced chemistry, have any infections, and much more!