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We unleash our fitness gurus into the fitness world to taste test and try the best products on the market to help you create epic training sessions.

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Everyone opens the Barbell Box in their own way… What’s yours? Do you neatly cut the tape? Or do you savagely rip into it and treat it like you treat your training sessions? Either way, make sure you share your experiences online with The Barbell Box Community.

We're a Canadian company and bill in Canadian dollars - If you're visiting from the USA don't worry you get to take advantage of the awesome exchange rate. Right now you are spending around $40 USD a month which equals $60 worth of value, around 30% off thanks to the good ole exchange!


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Every month we search the fitness world for the newest, coolest, and most effective Supplements, Clothing and Fitness Gear so we can help you create epic training sessions.

Our Past Boxes

July's 2019 Barbell Box

-Team Tee by Barbell Box $30CAD
-Animal Pak by Animal $24CAD
-Odor + Packs by Hero Clean $12CAD
-Total War by RedCon1 $8CAD
-Brain Armour by Brain Armour $7CAD
-Power Whey Complex by BioX $6CAD
-Barbell Box Magazine $3CAD
-FREE Shipping $20CAD

Total Box Value $110 CAD

June's Barbell Box

-Burn Cycle by Perfect Sports $45CAD
-Flex Flavours by Devotion Nutrition $10CAD
-Protein Brownie by Eat Me Guilt Free $5CAD
-Sports Drink by B.Y.L.T. $10CAD
-Isotope by RedCon1 $4CAD
-Grunt by RedCon1 $3CAD
-Barbell Box Magazine $3CAD
-FREE Shipping $20CAD

Total Box Value $100 CAD

May's 2019 Barbell Box

-Stay Humble Tank by Barbell Box $30CAD
-Barbell Duffel Bag by Barbell Box $20CAD
-Protein Cookie by Sinister Labs $10CAD
-Sports Drink by B.Y.L.T. $10CAD
-Havok by Athletic Alliance $6CAD
-Opus by Magnum Nutraceuticals $4CAD
-Barbell Box Magazine $3CAD
-FREE Shipping $20CAD

Total Box Value $103 CAD

April’s 2019 Barbell Box

-Best BCAA by BPI Sports $45CAD
-Protein Bars by OWYN $10CAD
-C4 Ultimate by Cellucor $8CAD
-Xtend Elite by Scivation $8CAD
-Fettuccine by NuPasta $5CAD
-Mystery Bag by The Barbell Box $10CAD
-Barbell Box Magazine $3CAD
-FREE Shipping $20CAD

Total Box Value $109 CAD

March’s 2019 Barbell Box

-Slanted Tee by The Barbell Box $30CAD
-Panic Pancakes by Sinister Labs $17CAD
-Pancake Syrup by Sinister Labs $8CAD
-Protein Cookies by NuGo $10CAD
-HydroBCAA by ProSupps $4CAD
-Variety Pack by Strike Force $8CAD
-Barbell Box Magazine $3CAD
-FREE Shipping $20CAD

Total Box Value $100 CAD

February's 2019 Barbell Box

-Limitless by Magnum $65CAD
-Protein Cookies by MuscleTech $10CAD
-Protein Chips by Protes $10CAD
-Carb Killa Spread by Grenade $5CAD
-PreFO by Magnum $4CAD
-BCAA Energy by EVL $2CAD
-Barbell Box Magazine $3CAD
-FREE Shipping $20CAD

 Total Box Value $109 CAD

January’s 2019 Barbell Box

-Bands by The Barbell Box $70CAD
-No B.S. Protein Bar by RX Bar $10CAD
-Prebiotics by MSPrebiotic $10CAD
-Protein Muffins by Scitec $8CAD
-Protein Pancakes by Scitec $8CAD
-Ideal Lean BCAA's by Ideal Lean $8CAD
-Nitraflex by GAT Sport $8CAD
-Barbell Box Magazine $3CAD
-FREE Shipping $20CAD

 Total Box Value $145CAD



"I love trying new products and having the excitement of a fitness goodie box sent to my door each month. I used to have a different subscription box and when I discovered The Barbell Box I immediately switched and joined the Barbell Box family. Their boxes are always jam packed full of awesome products and fitness apparel that always gave me the reassurance that I got the most bang for my buck and not to mention it arrives on time! I can’t wait to see whats in the next one!"

Robert Purcell


"Whether you’re a die-hard bodybuilder or a general gym-goer getting into fitness The Barbell Box has something for everyone & I can’t express how much fun I have opening a new box each month. The monthly boxes offer the perfect opportunity to sample a variety of new products and flavours without having to commit to full sized purchases of each and I’m constantly being surprised with new brands and new products introduced to me by The Barbell Box. I think it’s the perfect way to reward yourself for sticking to your health and fitness goals throughout the year and a great treat to give as a gift to your fittest of friends! "

Kali Youngstrom
  • IFBB Figure Professional
  • Weight Management Specialist, Nutritionist & Personal Trainer
  • KY Fitness & Nutrition Consulting

"I have been a barbell box subscriber since day 1. Every box is very unique with a vast variety of supplements, equipment, clothing, and delicious treats. The excitement of receiving my barbell box every month has not worn off one bit. I literally jump for joy every time I see my box has arrived at my doorstep, immediately tearing it open to see what’s inside. The barbell box offers a great product with great customer service. The team working behind the scenes are very knowledgeable and in tune with the fitness industry. "

Lucas Paczek