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Keep Your Supplement Powders From Clumping

Keep Your Supplement Powders From Clumping

I am going to save you thousands of dollars!


A fairly common issue with powdered supplements is that the powder can ‘clump’ together. Ultimately, this leads people to question the safety and effectiveness of the products.

Here’s why it happens. Most supplements come in powder form and they contain hygroscopic ingredients (meaning they attract and hold water molecules at normal or room temperature). 

With all powdered supplements; if left unused for periods of time, it’s quite normal for them to turn clumpy or hard. For this reason, I am going to share the only secret you will ever need to know in order to prevent your products from clumping ever again.

Keep those bad boys in the freezer! Putting powdered supplements in the freezer keeps the air temperature below freezing and therefore the air trapped in the containers can't condense and be absorbed by your powders. This trick has literally saved me thousands of dollars in my lifetime.

Never open a bottle again only to find a clumpy mess, it's that simple!

Thank me later!

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