The Barbell Fund

If you are a small business owner in need of help due to the impacts of COVID, you can submit your application here: The Barbell Fund Application.

Small businesses are getting destroyed by COVID lockdowns. Health and wellness establishments like gyms, fitness studios, martial arts studios, gymnastic gyms etc are suffering and closing their doors for good every day. People who operate these facilities are losing their livelihoods as well as the people they employ. If we don't do something quickly these businesses aren't going to be around when the pandemic is over. The government isn't coming to save them, so we all need to come together as a community and do whatever we can to help. We want to make sure that these businesses are still around when this is all over.

The Barbell Box ( will be donating a percentage of all sales and subscription renewals to help these businesses keep their doors open. Please help donate whatever you can so that we can get these businesses relief quickly before it is too late.